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Your First Massage Appointment:
What To Expect

First, I do not treat illness, I treat people. So when a client comes in, I fully assess the person so to differentiate that person's well being from what inhibits well being.

Examples of the types of questions I ask:

With answers to these questions, treatment proceeds with clear intent and quality of approach.

When you come for your first appointment:

  1. I will have you fill out a new client intake form.
  2. We will discuss your general health and any symptoms for which you are seeking relief.
  3. I may do some evaluations to form a base line assessement, such as range of motion, posture evaluation.
  4. I will leave you in the massage room so that you may disrobe in privacy, then lay on the massage table under the drape/blanket.
  5. When you are ready, I will re-enter the massage room so that your session can begin.

There are many symptoms which can be benefitted by Medical Massage. A thorough interview and an assessment go a long way.

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