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Medical Massage

People are often surprised that massage offers such quick relief from backache and headaches. It is not unusual for joint pains and muscle stiffness to melt away. Sometimes, seemingly serious conditions, such as numbness and tingling that moves into arms and legs, clear up overnight. Things like scoliosis, dizziness and recurring pain can change with changes to your posture. Massage balances posture by balancing muscle pull.

People can be slow to recover from an auto accident or some other mishap. Perhaps inflammation is inhibiting recovery, or perhaps irritated nerves have splinted your muscles and joints, pinching nerves and blood flow. Massage soothes, softens and stimulates muscles and nerves, encouraging a reopening of nerve conductivity and blood flow that allows your body to heal it self.

Photo of hands massaging a neck to relieve a headacheLife makes tension, especially things like intense sports, pregnancy, bad posture at work, and emotional experiences. Tension builds on tension until finally the nerve impulse gets through the denial and suddenly you wonder how you got so old, or into so much pain and stiffness. We must decide, "Do I take care of my youth and vitality or do I allow this vehicle made of tissue to deteriorate and fall apart?"

Choosing massage is a choice for youthful vigor, happier feelings, and the ability to respond to the needs of children and grandchildren. Staying healthy means saving money that you might otherwise have invested in back surgery and joint replacements. No one really chooses to be put out of commission, but we do choose whether to care for our bodies the way we care for other things in our lives, like the maintenance of our homes and cars.

Massage is not always quick relief. The more your body is struggling to find its inner balance due to multiple assaults, the greater and more broad the support it will need for healing. Massage is a vital part of your healing support. Even if surgery is eventually required, massage is still there to enhance recovery.

Medical massage is beneficial in providing relief from the following conditions:

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