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Symptoms >>> Scoliosis

Muscle moves bone. We tend to forget this fact. Muscles tighten and bones move. Muscles relax and bones move back.

In scoliosis, the muscles just forgot to do the second part, relax. So, this is where massage comes in. The muscles, front and back, are relaxed.

Is that all? Well, not exactly. If the bones have been diverted for many years, the effect of massage may be little more than palliative. If the scoliosis occurred because posture was imbalanced from the hip on down, then balance must be restored.

Because balance of eyes, ears and jaw are imperative, your body may have re-aligned these while sacrificing your back. These must be returned to alignment.

Dramatic change can occur in a few minutes or take extensive treatment, depending on how your body has tried to adapt.

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