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Symptoms >>> Headaches

I get headaches, too, maybe twice a year; taking a pill works great.

Many people find, however, their headaches to be recurring and sometimes debilitating. Usually these people have already seen their physician. Therefore, I am comfortable addressing any issues likely related to soft tissues.

Most often, neck muscles are found to refer to the pain site on the person's head. Both anterior and posterior muscles are explored. For some people, the skull bones measure off of alignment. In creating alignment, people often sight immediate relief. It may be odd to think of skull bones moving, but it is fairly easy to stand at a mirror, pull on hair and an ear a few minutes and create asymmetry. (Don't do this unless you can put them back again.)

Another cause of headache is TMJ, where the jaw muscles are tight and the joint has pain or has malfunctioned. Nerves in the area can be sensitized. As hypertonicity is released, and nerves decompressed, headaches lesson. Additionally, even dramatic whole body dysfunction can alleviate if nerves near the jaw are no longer irritated.

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