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Medical Massage
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Symptoms >>> Back Pain

The interview and assessment will have considered disk problems and whether the pain patterns match what I commonly consider muscle and ligament considerations. Posture is evaluated with respect to stress at the pain site. The client is asked to stand and do specific motions, movements that often indicate particular tissues as responsible for pain. Then tissues are palpated to discern where exactly does tension and pain prevail most. Thought is given as to how these areas of tension and pain relate to the client's pain complaint. Communication with the client brings added clarity. Treatment follows.

The treatment intends a moderate pressure. Again, communication brings clarity. Joint tissues and fascia are released. Trigger points are found and resolved. Each point of muscle pain is specifically massaged six seconds or up to a minute. Ligament pain receives cross-fiber friction for one to three minutes. Reassessment occurs for strength, range of motion, pain with tests, pain on palpation and postural alignment. Remaining issues are briefly addressed again. Often, clients report relief after the first session.

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