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About Your Massage Therapist

Since 1988, I have been doing business in Spokane, Washington, as a Licensed Massage Practitioner.

My training began at Inland Massage Institute in Spokane and continued at Muscular Therapy Institute in Boston with Ben Benjamin to learn specific assessments and treatments for injuries.

Over the years, my study has continued with Paul St. John who made massage a science. Paul applied neurological laws to massage techniques. He equated gravitational forces with postural imbalances, bodily dysfunctions and pain. Paul created protocols for addressing pain and dysfunction using massage as a basis for healing.

I combine the trainings from Ben and Paul, and add fascial release techniques learned from Ron Murray in Spokane. I maintain a commitment to education, studying a wide variety of applications for massage as a healing modality.

What makes my massage unique?

The answer is a developed technique combined with assessment and communication. What makes for a good massage is what moves your body toward health. This can be several things.

Assessment is very important for locating specific pain sites. A large reason that many people are in pain for extended periods is because poor assessment failed to isolate the cause of pain. Assessment should see both the specific cause and the general pattern that has created tendency for pain and dysfunction.

Communication is very important. All clients are encouraged to communicate their experience as tissues are manipulated. This enhances healing by giving your body what it needs.

Technique is very important. Often people ask for a deep tissue massage. But more pressure is actually a minor aspect of healing technique. Usually, people respond to mere ounces of pressure, especially to begin with. Deeper connective tissues need massage as well once pain has diminished. A really painful massage is not a good massage. For my massage, I use a variety of friction strokes, long strokes, fluid moving strokes, fascia manipulations and nerve enhancement techniques. Knowing what each is intended to do, and why your body needs it, makes massage a science and an art.

All told, my massage is outcome based as opposed to technique based.

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